Satoshi District™ LLC is proud to present the upcoming release of its Prevail Ukraine™ NFT Collection.

Prevail Ukraine™ is an NFT collection of Ukrainian Military Superheroes that stand for the very freedom and independence that we once fought for here in America. There are 145 variations across 12 traits plus and an additional 45 backgrounds, creating a total of more than 14.3 trillion possible combinations, making each generated NFT, on average, a one-in-a-billion chance of being generated. Only 10,000 NFT’s are available for purchase, many of them with rare attributes, and we hope to make this collection one of the most desired NFT collections in the world.

Buying a Prevail Ukraine™ Military Superhero makes every participant a superhero in and of themselves. That’s because every NFT sold benefits Ukraine Refugees throughout the US. Your purchase also supports our efforts to create a JavaCrypts® Flagship Crypto Café and Community Hub in helping make our vision for crypto to become a mainstay in cities throughout the US and Internationally. We want to create a strong, authentic brick-and-mortar foundation for crypto to flourish. Your support goes a long way in accomplishing both of these tasks.

The Prevail Ukraine™ Official Website will launch in August 2023.  More details regarding the Prevail Ukraine™ NFT Collection will be available at that time.

For questions including media-related inquiries, please email

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