Store Formats

While many of our stores will be similarly designed to their predecessors, each store will possess a unique identity that complements a strong theme of creativity and inspiration.  The format and size of each store will ultimately determine the nature of products and services we are able to deliver.  Our planned roll-out in 2023 includes JavaCrypts®and JavaCrypts® Express formats, and in 2024 we will introduce the first JavaCrypts® Flagship Location.

JavaCrypts® Express:  JavaCrypts® Coffee House with seating for 25 or more and select merchandise.

JavaCrypts®:  JavaCrypts® Coffee House and Lounge with indoor seating for up to 100 and a large selection of merchandise.  Each retail location may include one or more small conference rooms with seating for up to 20 participants.

JavaCrypts® Flagship:  JavaCrypts® Coffee House with indoor seating for up to 100, full merchandise, a Satoshi District™ store, state-of-the-art education center and restaurant lounge with additional seating for 100+.