JavaCrypts® Stablecoin

We are introducing the first stablecoin of its kind – a deflationary coin that never loses value.  Even if you hibernate for two decades or pass your JavaCrypts® onto your children or grandchildren, you’ll still be able to purchase the same amount of goods and services at JavaCrypts®, Satoshi District™ and any of our partners that accept it.  There is no catch.  And that’s what makes us so focused to uniquely position our stablecoin, not as a world reserve, but as a representation of a true stable asset.  Fiat money fails to accomplish this due to inefficient governments and banking systems that try to offset the printing presses through interest rates.

By mid-2023, we’ll be releasing our JavaCrypts® Stablecoin White Paper, with plans to launch our ICO in advance of the JavaCrypts® App.  In the meantime, enjoy this short video.